I have lived many lives, like most people have, and having traveled the world, and having met with “the King” and with “the Pauper”, I have found that both individuals are interesting and beautiful in their own rights. A man’s social status says very little about him. I have found that those who give of themselves are the most interesting to talk to.

There is a beautiful soul in everyone you meet, but the one who draws attention to himself, –whether it’s about how much he knows, how much he earns, or about the problems he’s facing, or even about his great accomplishments– is to me, the most boring. So many people live their lives in hopes of receiving, when the Plan was laid out differently from the start. “Give and it shall be given unto you” (Luke:6.38) …and it goes further still, because it says: “the more you give, the more you receive”. There are so many LAWS of the spirit spelled out in LOVE that people are not aware of, and yet they are desperate for love.

I am interested in sharing some of these spiritual principles that give meaning to life. What you will find on this site, is an amalgam of many stories that have enriched my life. I wish to pass on to you those gems that have been passed on to me. To impart upon you the wealth that I have received from those who have enriched me.

Paul Peloquin