Paul Peloquin

their God story

Paul Peloquin was born in Canada in 1950 to a family of 10 children. His father was à postman, his mother a housekeeper. His upbringing was centered around catholic activities which his dedicated father was often involved in. In 1971, Paul dropped out of college to take a year off to travel through Europe.

He miraculously met the Lord and was saved with the Jesus Revolution movement in Amsterdam in 1972, and spent the following year, in Bible school in Geneva, Switzerland.

Paul was first involved in Soul Winning and helping set up missions in different parts of Europe from 1973 to 1983 with his first wife Marianne. Paul remarried in 1985 to his present wife Linda. She had 6 children and they have since had 4 more children.

His first love and life’s purpose has been to know God and share the truth of the gospel outside of the churches, and to that effect, he has been involved in the Great Commission of “Go ye into all the world to preach the Gospel to every nation”.

To this day, he has traveled 68 countries of the world, sharing the Good News with both the King and the pauper. Aside from personally sharing his faith on his path, Paul helped produce a Christian Radio show which reached all of India, and later while in Japan, a Christian video production, and he also supervised many missions in the Philippines and in Japan.

In the, early 2001 he took his family to Africa and together with his children, developed a clown show which they performed in schools throughout Ivory Coast, and in the process, he learned the art of Balloon Sculpturing, and has taught countless artists the art of clowning, Balloon Sculpturing, stilt walking, and performing in festivals, parties, and events of just about any sort.

In more recent years, he has had a burning desire to bring the message of Faith, Grace and Healing to this generation. And he is presently more involved in writing and podcasting this message. His joy is to see people established in the Word of God, walking with the Holy Spirit so that with His help, they may become fruitful and fulfill their God given destiny.

Together Paul and Linda make a good team. Having raised their children, they continue traveling to share their passion for God and along the way, they manage to visit and spend time with their children and grandchildren.